Our Teaching Team

Congregation Beth El Youth and Family Education Teaching Team

Debra Massey

Our Youth and Family Education team is comprised of an enthusiastic group of teachers dedicated to Jewish education through hands-on experiential learning. In addition to their knowledge of Judaic studies, Jewish Culture, and the study of Hebrew, our staff is talented in many other disciplines, including art, cooking, dance, music, and performance art. The teaching team uses these disciplines to enrich the classroom experience and offer diverse ways to express and discover one’s own individual Jewish identity and place in the Jewish community. Our lively staff fosters a learning environment reflective of Beth El’s education philosophy, allowing for a classroom experience that is both educational and fun.

Rabbi Mike Rothbaum       Director of Education 510-848-2122 ext. 213
Allie Liepman      YAFE Administrative Coordinator   510-848-2122 ext. 214
Grade Teacher
Kindergarten (Th)  
1st grade (Th)   
2nd grade (Th)   
3rd grade Judaica (Tu/Th)  
4th grade Judaica (Tu/Th)    
5th grade Judaica (Tu/Th)  
6th grade Judaica (Tu/Th)  
Alef Hebrew (Tu/Th)  
Bet Hebrew (Tu/Th)  
Gimmel Hebrew (Tu/Th)  
Dalet Hebrew (Tu/Th)  
Hebrew Tutor (Tu/Th)  
Art Director  
Music Specialist  
Garden Specialist  
Dance Specialist  
Chug Mishpacha  
Parent/Child Hebrew  
B'neit Mitzvah Program  
7th Grade Teacher  
7th Grade Teacher  
Youth Advisor Emily Schntizer