Music Resources

Rabbi Zellman and Beth El volunteers are in the midst of a major project for Learn the Music of Beth El. We are creating professional-quality recordings with a variety of instrumentation and voices. With these, you’ll be able to learn every word, or just enjoy listening to the volunteer and professional musicians in the Beth El community.

Meanwhile, we offer you here dozens of simple, clear and accurate recordings of central prayers and songs, straight from the microphone on Rabbi Zellman’s desk.  

All files are in mp3 format.  Right-click and select "Save As..." to save a file to your computer.


Candle Blessing (Binder)

Shabbat Evening Kiddush (long blessing over wine or juice)

Shabbat Morning Kiddush (short blessing over wine or juice)

HaMotzi (Blessing for Bread)

Mi Chamocha (Sefardi melody)


Sh'ma & V'ahavta

Avot v'Imahot


Birkat Kohanim

Blessing Before Torah Reading

Blessing After Torah Reading

Aleinu, 1st paragraph (Solomon Sulzer)

Mourner's Kaddish

Yism'chu (folk tune)

Ufros Aleinu (Folk tune)

Kids & Families

Hinei Ma-Tov (Folk Song)


13 Attributes (Adonai Adonai)

Barchu for High Holy Days

Blessing for Counting the Omer


The 2 blessings for the Chanukah lights

Upcoming Chanters

Blessing Before Torah Reading--Higher Voice

Blessing Before Torah Reading--Lower Voice

Blessing After Torah Reading--Higher Voice

Blessing After Torah Reading--Lower Voice

Blessing before Haftarah--Higher Voice

Blessing Before Haftarah--Lower Voice

Blessing After Haftarah--Higher Voice

Blessing After Haftarah--Lower Voice

Chorus & Band Materials

Al haNisim--Frimer--Alto

Al haNisim--Frimer--Bass

Al haNisim--Frimer--Soprano

Al haNisim--Frimer--Tenor

Banu Choshech--Alto & Bass

Banu Choshech--Soprano & Tenor

Volunteer & Service Leaders

Tracklist for Erev Shabbat (PDF)

Disc 1

01 Hinei Ma-Tov (folk song)

02 Hiney Ma-Tov (M. Jacobson-Drozi)

03 Y’did Nefesh (Pursa)

04 Y’did Nefesh (Sarah & Ehud Zweig)

05 Ma Yafeh haYom (Isaachar Miron)

06 Ki Eshmera Shabbat (traditional Sefardi)

07 Candle Blessing (Abraham Binder)

08 Shalom Aleichem (Israel Goldfarb)

09 Shalom Aleichem (Schmuel Brazil)

10 L’cha Dodi (Folk tune)

11 L’cha Dodi (Kol haNeshama)

12 L’cha Dodi (Traditional)

13 Mah-gadlu Haleluyah (Shefa Gold)

14 Tzadik KaTamar (Louis Lewandowski)

15 Tzadik KaTamar (Avi Maslo)

16 Reader’s Kaddish (Shabbat evening nusach)

17 Barchu - Dear One

18 Barchu et Adonai

19 Chatimah Ma’ariv Aravim (Shabbat evening nusach)

20 Ahavat Olam (Eric Mandell)

21 Ahavat Olam (Debbie Friedman)

22 Ki Heim Chayeinu

23 Chatimah Ahavat Olam (Shabbat evening nusach)

24 Sh’ma (chant)

25 Sh’ma (Salomon Sulzer) & V’ahavta (Eastern Ashkenazi Torah trope)

26 Adonai Eloheichem Emet (Shabbat evening nusach)

Disc 2

01 Mi Chamocha (Debbie Friedman #1)

02 Mi Chamocha (Debbie Friedman #2)

03 Mi Chamocha (Ki Eshmera-traditional Sefardi)

04 Chatimah-Mi Chamocha (Friday evening nusach)

05 Hashkiveinu (Craig Taubman)

06 Ufros Aleinu (Folk tune)

07 Hashkiveinu-Shelter Us (Ma-Tovu)

08 Chatimah Hashkiveynu (Ufros)(Shabbat evening nusach)

09 V’shamru (Moshe Rothblum)

10 V’shamru (Lawrence Avery)

11 Yism’chu (folk)

12 Adonai Sefatai (folk)

13 Adonai Sefatai (Craig Taubman)

14 Shalom Rav (Jeff Klepper & Dan Freelander)

15 Chatimah-Shalom Rav (Shabbat evening nusach)

16 Yiyhu-Oseh Shalom (Brian Reich)

17 Yiyhu-May the Words (Hollis Schaecter)

18 Oseh Shalom (Nurit Hirsch)

19 Oseh Shalom (Debbie Friedman)

20 Eil Na R’fa Na Lah

21 Mi Shebeirach (Friedman)

22 Aleinu (Solomon Sulzer)

23 She-hu Noteh Shamayim (traditional)

24 Chatimah-Aleinu (Vene’emar) (Traditional)

25 Adon Olam (folk tune)

26 Yigdal (folk tune)

27 Ein Keiloheinu (Ashkenazi melody)

28 Od Yavo Shalom (Sheva)