Sababa- 6th - 8th grade youth

Welcome to Sababa, our peer-led 6th-8th grade youth group! Sababa's mission is to provice Congregation Beth El's middle school teens with a safe environment to have fun, inclusive peer-led Jewish experiences. We build community and friendships while increasing our connection to Judaism. We have a peer-elected board who meets to plan and run the events! We'll have roughly 6 events throughout the year. Feel free to email Ali Greenland to make sure you are on our email list:

Upcoming Winter Events

  • Limos and Latkes: Saturday, December 2, 5:00 - 9:00 pm, price determined by the number of participants; sign up here!
  • Gala Volunteering and Movie Night: Saturday, February 10, 5:00 - 10:00 pm
  • NFTY West Coast Party Jr. Retreat, Friday, February 16 - Sunday, February 18;

Meet our 2017/2018 Sababa Leadership Team

Aviva Branoff- 8th grade
Lilianna Dodson- 8th grade
Alyla Meir- 7th grade
Maia Ettlinger- 7th grade
Siena Fershtman- 7th grade
Anna McGarry- 6th grade
Brenna Moore- 6th grade
Gabby Dar- 6th grade
Lila Hochman- 6th grade

Check out photos from Limos and Latkes and our Volunteering and Movie Night at the Beth El Gala from last year! We've got more events this year... stay tuned for pictures!