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Daniel Matt featured in Newsweek!

Daniel Matt, one of the world’s leading authorities on Kabbalah, held a Lehrhaus class in 2016-2017 at Beth El to study the Zohar. During this time period, he completed an 18-year project of translating and annotating this complex ancient work. His class and work were recently featured in Newsweek. 
Read the full article here: Zohar's Translation Unlocks the Secrets of Jewish Mysticism in an Age of Extremism

Camp Kee Tov Featured in The Jewish News of Northern California

“It’s the best nine weeks of the year for everyone, hands down. Our creativity doesn’t ever leave, no matter what happens.”
Read the full article here: Berkeley’s Beloved Camp Kee Tov Roars with Ruach at Year 50

Rabbi Zellman in The Jewish News of Northern California

“I really do believe that if we can embrace what is at the heart of a trans or genderqueer experience, we would all be a lot better off.” 
Read the full article here: Beyond He and She: New Expressions of Gender Arrive in the Rabbinate
BY LAURA PAULL, June 7, 2017

Congregation Beth El in The Jewish News of Northern California

"This ceremony gave me a new way to think of that great empathy, as a connection to all of creation.” 
Read the full article here: Only the Tarantulas came in Pairs to this Noah-like blessing
BY DAVID A.M. WILENSKY, November 11, 2016

Congregation Beth El in The Jewish News of Northern California

​“After a successful East Bay Tikkun Olam Chessed Day last month, another has been set for June 25, and organizers are looking for more volunteers...” 
Read the full article here: East Bay Volunteers to Fan Out in Community
June 14, 2017

Congregation Beth El in The Daily Californian

​“The First Congregational Church of Berkeley at 2345 Channing Way opened its doors for the first time May 21 after a massive fire last fall." 
Read the full article here: First Congregational Church of Berkeley Opens Doors After Fire

Rabbi Ference Raj in The Jewish News of Northern California

“His own life is about teaching Torah and Judaism under very challenging circumstances, so to many people he’s a source of inspiration." 
Read the full article here: Rabbi’s Half-Century is Celebrated from Berkeley to Budapest
BY ROB GLOSTER, March 2, 2017

Rabbi Zellman in The Jewish News of Northern California

“There is no question that Jewish vision provides ample paradigms for what it means to be open to transformation and change.” 
Read the full article here: Gathering of the Transgender Tribe Set for Berkeley
BY REBECCA ROSEN LUM, October 19, 2012

Rabbi Zellman Featured in The Jewish News of Northern California

“Reuben brings in a joy and energy to everything he does at Beth El. Nobody is really conscious of this being some sort of historic thing." 
Read the full article here: Transgender Rabbi Brings Joy and Energy to Beth El
BY DAN PINE, June 4, 2010