Legacy Testimonials

"Making a legacy gift to Congregation Beth El not only helps secure a Jewish future for later generations, but also demonstrates to my children what values were most important to me." 

–Odette Blachman

"My parents Odette and Max Blachman demonstrated the importance of supporting Jewish institutions. If we value our traditions, we can show gratitude in preserving them for future generations."

–Jim Blachman


"For the past 30 years, Congregation Beth El—its clergy, staff, lay leaders and our fellow members—have been there for Martin and me as we built our family's Jewish life. We feel a deep connection to the Beth El community and want to see it thrive for generations to come. For this reason, we have left a legacy gift for Beth El in our wills."  

–Martin & Jill Dodd

"The synagogue is the enduring gathering place of the Jewish people, where past, present and future abide together.  Our legacy gift is intended to link the generations, creating a connection and sending a message from generations past to generations ahead about what we value most."  

​–Rabbi Yoel Kahn & Dan Bellm 

For our family, Congregation Beth El has been a real community. It is a sacred space for celebration, worship, education, and friendship. We believe that the legacy of Jewish tradition is best preserved in a congregation that is open to all, that embraces the past and welcomes progress. We have been privileged to be part of Congregation Beth El, and we want to make sure it continues to grow and thrive for future generations."

–Patrick Kennedy and Julie Matlof Kennedy


"We chose to make Beth El part of our estate plan because it’s an easy way for us to support this community that’s been so important to us during our lives. Giving back to our community is an important value for us. We want to be sure that even after we’re gone, our children will see how we’ve tried to take care of the institutions that have been meaningful to us."

–Jeff and Debbie Leon


"When we consider what makes being Jewish special to us, among the most important aspects is the sense of community it provides. Beth El has been a vital part of our lives. This fact, together with our belief in the responsibility we all share to ensure the continuity of Jewish life, makes it important that Congregation Beth El continue as a vibrant community for generations to come. Our legacy pledge helps ensure that happens." 

–Jim Offel & Nancy Lewin-Offel


Honoring Tradition, Celebrating Diversity, and Building a Jewish Future” – words that embody Beth El’s mission, and resonate deeply with Katherine and me.  While we have only been members for a few years, making a legacy commitment was an easy decision.  Although we have no children, we are connected to future generations, and want to help insure the presence of a vibrant and welcoming Jewish community." 

–Steven & Katherine Resnik

"We decided to include Congregation Beth El in our estate plan because we have cherished Beth El as our spiritual home and as a place for studying Torah. We have designated our gift to help continue Beth El's commitment to inclusiveness and the celebration of Jewish life."

–Jeffrey M. Seideman & Elisabeth Meyer Wechsler