Historic Congregational Funds

Historic Congregational Funds - We are pleased to recognize all of the funds that have helped to sustain Congregation Beth El through the years, and are grateful to the individuals, families and committees who established them. Though these funds are no longer active, the contributions made through them, and the valuable work that continues to be performed to this day, is of lasting value to the congregation.

Arjmand Adult Education Fund

Bar Lev Landscape Fund

Building Fund

Chevra Kadisha Fund

Camp Kee Tov Fund

Ellen Meyer Childcare Fund

Endowment Fund & Ruth Fisher Trustees Discretionary Fund

Fischer Fund

Humanitarian Aid Fund

Israel Scholarship Fund

Max Blachman Emergency Fund

Men's Club Fund

Prayer Book/Pentateuch Fund

Project Nechama Fund

Sydie Freed Flower Fund

Tree of Life Fund

Youth Engagement Fund

Women of Beth El Fund