High Holy Days 5779

High Holy Days 5779


Note - the deadline for ordering tickets online has passed!

You can still attend High Holy Day services, and request your passes in person at the Welcome Desk. 


A call to cheshbon ha-nefesh–a searching examination of our lives

The High Holy Days, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, bracket ten days given to us to reflect on our lives: How do we use the time we are given? Are we realizing our most authentic selves? What is our accountability and responsibility to self, others and God? We are called during this season to cheshbon ha-nefesh—a searching examination of our lives, that we may gain renewed strength and commitment for the tasks before us: tikkun midot—improving our characters and tikkun olam—repairing our world. Please join your presence, your voice and your intentions with those of our community at Beth El’s High Holy Days this year.

Yom Kippur Sonnet, with a Line from Lamentations.

Can a person atone for pure bewilderment
For hyperbole for being wrong
In a thousand categorical opinions
For never opening her mouth, except too soon
For ignoring all week long, the waning moon
Retreating from its haunt above the local canyons,
Signaling her season to repent,
Then deflecting her repentance with a song
Because the rest is just too difficult to face
What we are I mean in all its meagerness
The way we stint on any modicum of kindness
What we allow ourselves what we don't learn
How each lapsed, unchanging year resigns us
Return us, Lord, to you, and we'll return.

Congregation Beth El invites you to join us for a spiritually uplifting start to the New Year. Beginning with S’lichot and continuing through Sukkot and Simchat Torah, we offer a wide array of High Holy Day programming to serve the diverse needs of our community. Please review the information here and on our website to learn about our exciting, inspiring, and meaningful High Holy Day season at Beth El.

All services include English and Hebrew, combining honored traditional words with inspirational modern texts. Congregational singing and participation are a core part of our practice. Rabbi Yoel Kahn, Rabbi Rebekah Stern, and Cantor Elaya Jenkins-Adelberg will officiate at all sanctuary services. Our machzor (High Holy Day prayer book) includes English transliteration of all Hebrew prayers.

Download PDF Version of High Holy Day Schedule Here

10Q Project

Ten Reflective High Holy Day Questions 

Join others around the world for ten days of reflection through the 10Q project. 10Q, a project of REBOOT, will email you a reflective question once a day for 10 days, starting on Rosh Hashanah. You can choose to make this a private, introspective experience or share your answers with other 10Q users. On Yom Kippur, you can send your answers to the 10Q vault and they will land back in your inbox a year later for next Yom Kippur! Click here to register and learn more.


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