About our Torah scrolls

Congregation Beth El owns five Torah scrolls and one Megillat Esther (Scroll of Esther). Two of our Torah Scrolls are German and have been with the congregation since its beginnings; they are each over 100 years old. The scroll we read from regularly is the Plishner scroll, which was donated in memory of Aaron David Plishner z’’l by his family.

Two of our Torah scrolls are Czechoslovakian scrolls, on permanent loan from the Czech Scroll Trust in London. They are Holocaust survivors. The Czech scrolls contain flourishes and embellishments that allow them to be identified as Kabbalistic scrolls. The taller scroll, from a town called Tabor, is about 200 years old. It is very light, which is characteristic of scrolls from that region. The shorter scroll is from a town called “Kladno” which is near the city that members Emmie and George Vida z’’l were from in Czechoslovakia. The Kladno scroll is written on a silver-colored parchment. This silver color is a natural scroll color. Based upon some mystical decorations on the Kladno scroll, including a “Peh” with a spiral in it, the scroll was dated at over 250 years old.