Torah & Haftarah Chanting

All members of Beth El are encouraged to do the mitzvah of leyning—chanting or reading from the Torah, prophets, or megillot on Shabbat, festivals or High Holy Days. If you can read the Hebrew letters and vowels—even very slowly!—you can do this rewarding mitzvah.

Opportunities for Torah and Haftarah chanting are available almost every week, all year round. Choose a date that works for you. If you need text, recordings or help with your portion, Cantor Elaya Jenkins-Adelberg looks forward to working with you! Contact her to sign up or for more information:, or (510) 848-3988 ext. 236.

Trope classes: Beth El periodically offers classes in trope--the ancient art of Bible chanting--and other aspects of Jewish musical tradition.