The Teen Leadership Award


Each year The Teen Leadership Award will recognize up to three 8th grade teens who demonstrate strong leadership skills through the Sababa Youth Group or through a self-directed Tikkun Olam project that contribute to strengthening the Beth El teen community.

Award support is provided by the Rabbis’ Discretionary Fund.

The Award:

  • Up to three monetary prizes of $250 will be awarded to support the recipients’ interests in leadership training, such as:

  1. attendance at workshops or retreats at Camp Newman, BESTY and other NFTY activities
  2. enrollment in Jewish learning programs such as Midrasha or Jewish Youth for Community Action (JYCA)
  • Name engraved on a permanent plaque at Beth El,
  • Public recognition at the Spring Annual Meeting and at The Celebration of Education Shabbat ceremony.

Selection Criteria:

Leadership Skills will be accessed in the following ways:
  • Strong and committed Board leadership in the Sababa Youth Group.
  • Spearheading a Tikkun Olam project for the Sababa Youth Group.


  • Nominations submitted four weeks prior to the Annual Meeting in two ways:
o   Self Nominations: Any 8th grader who is a member of Congregation Beth El can submit their name for consideration, accompanied by a short statement (about 250 words) that describes how he/she meets the award criteria.
o   Peer Nomination: Any middle school student who is a member of Congregation Beth El can nominate a Beth El 8th grader for consideration, accompanied by a brief statement of support that describes how the student meets the award criteria.
o   Staff Nomination: Any Beth El staff member can nominate an 8th grader by submitting their name along with brief statement of support that describes how the student meets the award criteria.
  • Selection Committee:

o   Rabbi Yoel Kahn,
o   Rabbi Rebekah Stern,
o   Director of Youth & Family Education,
o   Emily Schnitzer (Director of Camp Kee Tov and Youth Group Director),
o   Ali Greenland (Youth Group Advisor).
  • The award is a recognition of excellence. The Selection Committee is under no obligation to make an award every year.
  • Procedure for Claiming Monetary Award: the recipients may either submit a request for reimbursement to the Executive Director at any time during the award year, (with receipt attached) or for a check to be made out to the sponsoring organization or agency (such as Camp Newman, NFTY, Midrasha or JYCA).

Meet this year’s recipients!

Aviva Branoff

Aviva Branoff has been an active member of our community for years! She's a devoted Camp Kee Tov camper and role model, gearing up for her final summer as a camper! She is an active participator in many of Beth El's programs- participaitng in the pilot year of Makom for our 8th graders and actively programming, attending and leading Sababa events (middle school youth group). 


Fiona Goldman

Fiona Goldman has been wonderful to watch as a madricha this year. When she works in the office, she has helped organize the front office's supplies, Congregation-wide mailings and has helped put together the parshot binders for our b'nei mitzvah class. She also is a part of Makom, contributing positively to the discussions and learning with her peers. 


Rune Miller-Marcus

Rune Miller-Marcus has always been an active participant at Beth El. He was one of the first 4th graders to attend our annual Shabbaton without any parents! Since then- he's been participating in as many youth events as possible... and loved them all! This year, he has honed in on his leadership skills through Makom and as a madrich at Chug Mishpacha, making him even more of a leader in our congregation.