Youth Groups

Congregation Beth El currently has two fantastic youth groups: Sababa (6th - 8th) and BESTY (9th - 12th). Our youth groups serve various purposes in our community. They are a space for our youth to gather, bond, have fun and grow their Jewish identities and communities. They are a chance for our youth to explore their Judaism together in an informal education setting. They are an opportunity for teens to build peer leadership skills and organizational agency. Furthermore, they are a space for our youth to have fun as a part of our Jewish community while feeling a sense of ownership over the programming they are doing. We have a fantastic youth lounge with couches, games and spaces to relax for our teens. Previous events included Limos & Latkes, a bonfire in the Beth El courtyard, trips to see Cal Bears' sporting events, and much more. Our youth groups are led by the Beth El Youth Director, Beckett Sheeder ( and Youth Engagement Coordinator, Leigh Levinson.

BESTY at the Contemporary Jewish Museum

What does BESTY mean to you?

BESTY Board Meeting