The Inner Light of Hanukkah: A Celebration of Practice & Learning

December 8, 2019 - 10:30am to 12:00pm
The Institute for Jewish Spirituality presents:

The Inner Light of Hanukkah: A Celebration of Practice & Learning

Sponsored by Congregations Beth El and Netivot Shalom

Jewish mindfulness and contemplative practices are powerful tools for experiencing a deeper and more meaningful connection to daily life and to Judaism. For twenty years, the Institute for Jewish Spirituality (IJS) has taught Jewish spiritual practices -- including Jewish mindfulness meditation, text study, contemplative prayer, tikkun middot (the cultivation of ethical character traits), and singing — that engage the head, heart, body, and soul. 

Join Rabbis Yoel Kahn, Chai Levy, and Margie Jacobs on Sunday, December 8, 2019 as we experience 90 minutes of revitalizing practice to prepare for the festival of Hanukkah and to celebrate IJS’s 20th anniversary. Using online video technology, we will join together with participants across the country — and around the world.

The program will explore the theme of the inner light of Hanukkah and will include:

- A guided meditation led by Rabbi Sheila Weinberg
- A short reflection by Rabbi Art Green
- Accessible Hasidic text study with Rabbi Jonathan Slater
- Small group, live discussion with Rabbis Yoel Kahn, Chai Levy and Margie Jacobs
- Inspirational music with Cantors Benjie Ellen Schiller and Richard Cohn -- and more.

This event is free of charge. 

RSVP: Lauren Schecter,
For more info, please contact Firkins Reed,