What They Left Behind: A Night of storytelling

October 30, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
Hosted by Still Life Stories
The essence of a person lives on in the objects they’ve left behind. Be it a chipped coffee cup, precious pearls, or a faded photo, they beckon us to remember, honor, and celebrate those we’ve loved and lost. We hold on to these material possessions because they tell our stories, igniting memories and revealing the passages of our lives. Still Life Stories invites you to bring a personal object of meaning to a night of storytelling.  Whether it was passed down or left behind, be prepared to share why it matters. What does it reveal about the one you’ve lost? What memories or emotions are hidden within?  Is it something you adore or abhor? Does it live by your bedside or buried in the basement? Five guests will be randomly chosen (a la the popular storytelling series, The Moth) to recite their “object story” on stage.  If interested, prepare a 5-minute story to bring along with your object. Otherwise, come to listen and delight in the unexpected tales of things we keep long after they’re gone. This is a special night open to the greater community. There is a special invite out to St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church and All Soul's Episcopal Parish and Congregation.