Death & Mourning

Congregation Beth El is committed to providing support, care, and guidance to our members and their families experiencing loss.
At the time of passing, congregants are encouraged to contact Rabbi Kahn or Rabbi Stern for end-of-life guidance and support. Beth El also offers our support by: 
emailing information about funeral and shiva arrangements to members; arranging for our Rabbis and lay leaders to lead the shiva minyan; and delivering prayer books to the home.

On the anniversary of a loved ones' death, Kaddish can be said during any Shabbat service. Yahrzeit reminders will be sent to Congregation members in advance of the specific Shabbat.
We welcome anyone who is in mourning to say Kaddish with us.

The Tel Shalom Burial Association has been burying our loved ones since 1968. Tel Shalom has a beautiful, private section within Gan Shalom Cemetery, a Jewish cemetery in Briones,
and is located at 1100 Bear Creek Road in Briones. The cemetery is run by Sinai Memorial Chapel in Lafayette.

Though the Tel Shalom section of Gan Shalom is limited to members of Congregation Beth El and Temple Beth Hillel, other sections of are open to all members of the Jewish community,
including members of interfaith families and those who are unaffiliated. 

Tel Shalom also has a private section within Rolling Hills Memorial Park in Richmond, located at 4100 Hilltop Drive. This was the first location of the Tel Shalom Burial Association.
Plots are no longer available in the Tel Shalom section.

One of the most stressful issues when there is a death is all theplanning that is required. Visiting the cemetery, picking out a gravesite, and dealing with financial matters
all while one is grieving, can be stressful. It truly helps to plan ahead and take care of these tasks while you are healthy and can make unhurried and informed decisions.

For further questions and assistance about pre-need burial planning, please call one of us below.
As always, for any questions surrounding the spiritual and/or ritual nature of death and dying, please do not hesitate to call Rabbi Yoel Kahn or Rabbi Rebekah Stern
through the Congregation Beth El office.

For information about purchasing plots in the Tel Shalom section of Gan Shalom, please call:

Sinai Memorial Chapel, (877) 895-0359

Or contact:

Fran Welstand (Beth Hillel), Tel Shalom Treasurer, (510) 758-2873
David Rothenberg, Chair, Tel Shalom Board of Directors (510) 848-3988

Other Tel Shalom Board Members: 

Emily Marthinsen, Martin Dodd, Steven Marylander (of Beth El)              
Bobbi Nadler, Sharon Mittleman, Steve Welstand  (of Beth Hillel)