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Founded in 1945 by a small group of Berkeley families, many of whom traced their roots to Eastern and Western Europe, Congregation Beth El is a liberal, Reform congregation committed to building and sustaining a caring synagogue community by:

  • Welcoming Jews of all backgrounds (ages, abilities, race, ethnicity, sexual and gender orientation, and differences in observance) and their families, and involving them in creating a sacred community, kehillah kedoshah;

  • Encouraging innovation to sustain Jewish spiritual life while honoring Jewish traditions and respecting the diversity of Jewish practice, avodah;

  • Celebrating the diversity of our members and community with the belief that each person is made in God’s image, b'tzelem Elohim;

  • Encouraging the study of Torah as part of lifelong Jewish learning, talmud Torah;

  • Pursuing social action and working for social justice, tikkun olam;

  • Nurturing children, youth, and families through formal and informal education, v’shinantam l’vanecha;

  • Engaging in respectful dialogue about Israel as part of our commitment to the people, land and State of Israel, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael

Sun, May 26 2024 18 Iyar 5784