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People join Beth El for all sorts of reasons...Perhaps you’re looking for a place to regularly attend services or discuss the weekly Torah portion. Maybe you’re Jewish, but didn’t grow up in a practicing household, and you want to explore your Jewish roots. Maybe Judaism is present in your life and you want to learn more, or maybe you are interested in converting.

Some join with the intent of their children becoming B’nei Mitzvah, while others are looking to connect with fellow Jews living in their area. Whatever your reason, we are here to support you on your journey to find meaning, purpose, belonging and joy. 

Please read below for just a few of the reasons you should consider joining Beth El. 


We encourage our members and families to observe Shabbat weekly with the congregation as well as experience holiday services throughout the year.


Through community, we seek a deep sense of meaning, purpose and joy; a true sense of belonging, and a pathway toward becoming our highest and best selves.


Our youngest community members have the opportunity to experience Jewish values, culture and Hebrew language through our Beth El Nursery School curriculum. Special Shabbat and holiday services geared towards preschool-age children are offered throughout the year. 


At Beth El, we offer educational programs for K-8 grades - a midweek program (Kadima K-5), (Makom 6-8). Our curriculum is based on Torah, Avodah (worship) and Gemilut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness). Youth education is offered through High School after our students become Bet Mitzvah (YALA 9-12).


Our youth groups serve as a space for our youth to gather, bond, have fun and grow their Jewish identities and communities. They are a chance for our youth to explore their Judaism together in an informal education setting.


Congregation Beth El Adult Engagement offers classes, programs, and activities that deepen and enrich the Jewish learning of our congregants. Drawing from the rich resources of our congregation and our community, we offer a stimulating environment that encompasses the full range and diversity of the Jewish experience.


CBE’s clergy are available to provide pastoral support through challenging times, and Mitzvah Corps is ready to coordinate activities such as providing meals and running errands to care for our members during times of illness or death. 


Organized opportunities to engage in mitzvot are available year-round through the work of various committees and groups.

Our services and programs are open to everyone and we invite you to visit. A member of our board of directors would be glad to meet you the first time you come, sit with you at a service or program, and answer any questions you have.

To learn more about ways to engage at Congregation Beth El, contact the Community Engagement Office, or the VP of Community Engagement.

Thu, June 13 2024 7 Sivan 5784