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The essence of our building complex recalls the words of Rabbi Alan Lew, Rabbi Emeritus of Temple Beth Sholom, San Francisco:

“We are formed by the places we inhabit; their shapes become the shapes of our souls.
We strive for a place that says:
‘You are welcome here,
you will find healing here,
you are about to enter a different kind of
place, a holier place, a place of deeper spirituality, a more nurturing
place than the one you are accustomed to occupying at work and on the street.’
But most importantly, it should be a place with God at its center not way up in the distance.”

The most modern and broadly understood notion of Tikkun Olam is that of “repairing the world” through human actions. Congregation Beth El in Berkeley has attempted, in the planning and building of our new home, to take ownership of part in Tikkun Olam.

Read archival articles and memories of the building process and the move to our new home on Oxford Street.

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyar 5784