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The scroll Beth El usually uses for reading at services was donated in memory of Aaron David Plishner z’’l by his family.  Aaron passed away at the age of 15 following a terrible automobile accident in which he was an innocent passenger.
The scroll is written in a Polish Beit Yosef script and was certified kosher as of its last restoration in 2009, meaning it can be read from during religious services.     
The parchment that makes up the Sefer Torah must “breathe” in order to avoid discoloring. The last several panels of the Plishner scroll were treated at some point in the past with a preservative that has changed it to a mustard-yellow color. The sofer (scribe) who helps us take care of our Torahs has noted that while it is “a shonda” (a shame), the use of the preservative doesn’t affect the kosher status of the scroll.  Not a lot is known about the history of the scroll before it came to Beth El.

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyar 5784